Hospitality Cares

An Employee Assistance Fund

The purpose of Hospitality Cares (HCNOLA) is to meet the emergency or crisis assistance needs of employees in the hospitality industry. It was organized by hospitality industry professionals who want to help colleagues and employees experiencing misfortune and needing temporary assistance to recover.

Rather than start a new non-profit organization, HCNOLA partnered with United Way of Southwest Louisiana, which has as its mission: “to increase the organized capacity of people to be independent and self-sufficient.” The founders worked with United Way to establish the program structure, eligibility and decision-making process and are now leading the fundraising effort.

United Way helps raise funds for Hospitality Cares, manage the application process for emergency aid, and provide the administrative and financial services necessary to support the accounting and tracking of funds contributed and distributed. In addition, through its Maximum Impact grants, United Way funds quality programs at area agencies that are also available for hospitality workers.

All candidates for Hospitality Cares grants must be certified by a participating hospitality business HR representative as meeting employment criteria.