Hospitality Cares

Financial Assistance Criteria & Documentation


In order to become a Hospitality Cares participant, individuals must commit an annual contribution to the fund through an annual United Way campaign or personal donation.
HCNOLA will also host special events to add to the emergency fund. 100% of designated funds will be restricted for Hospitality Cares employee emergency assistance. 
Annually, United Way donors invest about $18 million into our region and the majority of that comes from workplace campaigns. It’s easy to get started and you’ll work closely with
a United Way Representative who will give you all of the tools and pointers you need.
Now more than ever, Hospitality Cares is crucial for the continued health and well-being of our region’s hospitality employees. With the state of the economy and the rising costs
associated with healthcare and basic needs, we can’t afford not to take measures to protect our own.


1. Funding is based on emergency services/needs.
2. In order for employees to be eligible for help from Hospitality Cares: 
 a. Conduct an annual United Way Campaign among employees through payroll deduction or a one-time gift designated to support Hospitality Cares fund or United Way fund along with a suggested corporate donation of $10 per employee to the Hospitality Cares Fund, or a minimum of $1,000 per year. 
 b. Individuals may donate to HCNOLA if there is no company involvement. 
3. The individual requesting assistance must be a participating hospitality business employee of at least two years, donate directly to Hospitality Cares prior to the emergency, and the need for assistance must be emergency/crisis-oriented in nature or involve circumstances beyond the employee’s control (e.g. medical, rent, mortgage, or utility bill crisis of a non-recurring nature). While there is no income ceiling for people requesting assistance, prospective clients must demonstrate that they lack other resources and options.
4. Priority consideration will be given to households with children under age 17, caring for frail parents or children (any age) with disabilities.
5. A maximum grant of up to $2000 can be made and is paid to the owed creditor.
6. The Hospitality Cares Grants Committee is responsible for approving the grant, receiving and processing the application forms and all documentation.
7. The grant payment form will be processed by United Way for Southeast Louisiana once all documentation is received.


The following items are needed in order to qualify for a grant through United Way’s Hospitality Cares Initiative. 
• Copy of lease in the name of the employee.
• Eviction Notice
• W-9 form completed by the landlord (notification of payment must be submitted to the IRS).
• Verification from the landlord payment will prevent eviction. 
• Utility bill in the name of the employee.
• Copy of the latest medical bills.
• Verification of prescription costs.