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Elizabeth McIntyre receives award from Hospitality Cares/United Way partnership

September 13 2011 | News

We would like to share this thank you letter from the Inn on Bourbon! To the generous members of the Hospitality Cares Foundation:

Several weeks ago I emailed Mr. Kenny Truxillo and Mr. Angelo Annacarto in regards to the Hospitality Cares Foundation. Being somewhat familiar with the program, I knew that the foundation was developed to assist industry workers during difficult times.

My friend, coworker and longtime fixture in the hospitality industry, Ms. Elizabeth McIntyre had just been diagnosed with an incurable form of Cancer for the third time in her life. After that initial email, it became apparent to me what a huge program Hospitality Cares is and what an asset it is to the industry.

The foundation recently awarded Elizabeth $2,000.00 to assist with her medical expenses. I cannot express my gratitude enough to the Hospitality Cares foundation and to the United Way of New Orleans for this incredible gift for an incredible woman. I am sincerely honored to be a part of such an amazing industry and look forward to supporting the foundation in the future.

Group Sales Manager
The Inn On Bourbon Hotel

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